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Stress Management

Creating Calm Within for a More Peaceful Life

We all worry, but what happens when that worry doesn’t go away?

Worrying or stress, is a perfectly normal reaction which everyone experiences from time-to-time.

But if you find the stress is more than just a momentary reaction, you may want to speak with someone who can help you manage your stress.

You may need help managing stress if:

  • You find your heart racing from time-to-time for no reason
  • You get unexplained headaches often
  • The muscles in your neck, jaw and shoulders are often sore and tight
  • You find yourself worrying more than normal
  • You sweat more than normal
  • You have troubles sleeping at night
  • You have odd dreams or nightmares
  • You have unexplained stomach aches
  • You find yourself being more irritable than normal
  • You feel overwhelmed by what is going on in your life
  • You find it hard to focus
  • You feel like you might be missing out on things

Types of stress we can help you manage:

  • Acute stress – The most common type of stress, that a lot of times isn’t a bad thing. Often, acute stress is your body/brain’s way of showing you care about or are excited fora new challenge, event or task. Examples of acute stress are the butterflies you get just before that big presentation at work, or the sweats you get before getting on a rollercoaster for the first time.
  • Episodic acute stress – Episodic acute stress is what happens when you find yourself experiencing acute stress all the time. This is common for people who seem to always be experiencing some sort of major problem or that seem to feel there isn’t enough time in the day. People suffering from episodic acute stress tend to get sick more often, have trouble sleeping and tend to be more irritable.
  • Chronic stress – When acute stress isn't resolved it can linger for long periods of time and in some instances be on your mind all the time. This is known as chronic stress, which is the No. 1 type of stress we help people manage. Chronic stress is constant and is often caused by, financial situations, family situations, an unhappy marriage or relationship, a bad job, school expectations and athletic performance.

How we approach helping you better manage stress

We understand that everyone experiences stress differently.

Because of that, we approach everyone as an individual, helping them determine the root cause of their stress in a welcoming, nonjudgmental atmosphere.

By talking about what is bothering you, you’ll be able to uncover the root cause of your stress. Once you determine the cause of your stress, we will teach you a variety of coping techniques that will help you manage, or in some cases eliminate your stress all together. 

We also understand that there isn’t a “one size fits all” recipe to manage stress. Because of that, our staff is with you the entire way, following up when needed and working to help you manage your unique stressors.

Our staff who specialize in stress management

Take the next step in managing the stress in your life

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the stress in your life, we invite you to speak with us.