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Personalized therapy can help you find your new direction
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Work and Life Balance Therapy

Making Priorities Clear for an Enriching Life

Are you happy with your job?

If you answered no, you’re not alone, as most people in their lifetime will have a moment in their life when they are unhappy with their job.

For some, it’s something as simple as not getting along with a co-worker or their boss. But for others it’s a much larger issue that requires self-exploration to determine what’s important to the person and how they can best match those values to a career.

Work and career counseling might be right for you if:

  • You feel frustrated by your job and/or the people to work with – boss and/or co-workers
  • You’ve thought about changing your career
  • You’re feeling unfulfilled with your career
  • You’d like to have a better relationship with your boss and/or co-workers
  • You’ve recently been laid off or fired
  • You’re a boss/manager who has laid off or fired staff
  • You need help setting your goals and making plans to achieve them
  • You’re looking for help developing your leadership skills
  • Your job stresses you out
  • Your job causes you to have social and/or ethical remorse

Types of issues we can help you with:

  • How to deal with your boss and/or co-workers better
  • How to gain fulfilment with your job
  • How to get over being laid off or fired and move on with your life
  • How to find a job you’ll love
  • How to discover what is holding you back in your career
  • How to set goals and achieve them
  • How to improve your leadership and management skills
  • How to deal with stress at work
  • How to deal with tough decisions at work

How the counselors and therapists at Bluestone approach work and career counseling

We realize that the average person spends nearly 25% of their time each week at work, and that number doesn’t include the time they spend commuting to-and-from-work, overtime, or the time they spend talking to others about their day at work.

Because work is such a big part of your life, you should enjoy your job.

Through conversation and analysis, counseling will help you work through any issues you’re having with your current job, or help you find your true calling in life.

We can also help you with goal setting, stress coping skills, how to better interact with co-workers, interview preparation and help you decide what is important in your life.

Our staff who are experienced with work and career counseling

Take the next step to better your career

If you’re feeling upset at work or unhappy with your career, we invite you to speak with one of us.