Post-Addiction Recovery

Do important people in your life express concern about things you’re doing? Do you find that you lose time in your day to do things you had planned or agreed to do? Do you ever find yourself unable to stop doing something you promised yourself you were going to stop?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have an addiction.

Roughly 25% of people have some sort of addiction that impacts not only how they live their life, but also how much time they have in the day to be productive.

Addictions can range from substances, such as drugs, alcohol, food or cigarettes, to behavioral addictions, such as, the internet, hoarding or gambling.

While some may see certain addictions as harmless, addictions almost always lead to loss of time for yourself, your hobbies and your meaningful relationships, decreased productivity, financial strain, and can even damage your health and wellbeing.

You may be suffering with an addiction if:

  • You often crave a substance or activity without knowing why you want it
  • If you get withdrawal symptoms when you don’t have or do something, such as, the shakes, headaches, or the sweats
  • You find that you’re thinking about or spending too much time on what you are addicted to
  • You regularly deny that you have an addiction
  • You find yourself thinking of ways to conceal your addiction
  • You can’t do activities or ingest food/drink/substance with moderation
  • You lie to people to hide your addiction
  • You try to stop, but can’t help yourself
  • You continue to “use”, even though what you are “using” is impacting you negatively

Addictions we help people recover from:

  • Food (over/under-eating)
  • Internet/Social Media
  • Sex/Pornography
  • Shopping
  • Overworking

Sometimes people already in recovery from their addiction want to understand better why they got caught up in their addiction. This is very common with those who have recovered from alcohol and legal/illegal drugs. Often, the cause of the addiction can be traced back to previous experiences in a person’s life. We help with that too.

How we approach addiction and help you overcome addiction

The first step we take in helping you recover from your addiction is to welcome you into our, warm, comfortable and supportive atmosphere, which is personalized to each client’s individual needs. In this atmosphere, we encourage conversation, and through this conversation, we help the you see what your addiction is, the impact it is having on your life and the impact it is having on the people around you.

Your therapist will work with you to determine where the addiction comes from and what kinds of things in your life serve as “triggers” for the addiction. Once you understand why you are doing certain things, we work with you to come up with ways to avoid giving into your urges when you are placed in certain situations.

The coping methods we teach are then evaluated during future conversations with you. If something didn’t work, we look at why it didn’t work for you, and work with you to find a solution that will work.

Addiction therapy at Bluestone Psychological Services

Take the next step towards recovering from your addiction.  If you’re feeling frustrated by the amount of time you’re losing to your addition and don’t know where to turn, we invite you to speak with us.

For more information or a phone consultation:
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