Life Transition Counseling

Help! I don’t know what I’m doing or what I should do next!

If this sounds like you, you may be going through a big transition. We have all heard that life isn’t a race but a journey; along that journey there are many changes we go through.

To name just a few there is:

  • Starting school to moving through various academic stages and then leaving the school environment and structure.
  • Leaving the freedom of summers and entering the part-time workforce and then the full-time work force.
  • Living at home to living at college (for some), to living independently, with various moves, roommates and degrees of financial commitments throughout
  • Social activities and social circles change to reflect changes in age, living locations and interests
  • Being single to dating to committed relationships, possibly marriage
  • Becoming parents and raising children, caring for aging parents.

Stressful and complicated (sometimes traumatic) transitions include:

  • Committed relationship to single living, including separation/divorce, widowhood
  • Chronic medical diagnosis, requiring habit and lifestyle changes and possibly altering your plans for your future.
  • Loss of cognitive functioning or physical mobility following an accident or due to an illness
  • Job loss, requiring immediate and possible long-term financial adjustments, recovery of self-confidence and esteem, updating job skills.

Life transitions can be exciting AND difficult, challenging, and/or confusing. Even if it’s a chosen transition, you may find it not going as planned. Often times we find ourselves going through more than one transition at a time.  Making friends as a child at the park sandbox is much easier than, as an adult, trying to build what feels like genuine friendships in a new town across the country. Being forced into an unanticipated transition can be traumatic. A chronic medical diagnosis brings an uninvited unknown and uncontrollable element into your life that you somehow have to learn to live with.

As you go through your various life transitions, you may find you are:

  • Feeling depressed/down, anxious, very stressed, overwhelmed, and/or out of control
  • Struggling to prioritize next steps or even identify what those next steps may be
  • Feeling very out of sorts as you are forgetting or misplacing things and just not functioning like your ‘normal’ self.
  • Doing things to manage your emotions that you wouldn’t typically do, like drink an extra glass of wine, get to the gym less often, see fewer friends, eat or sleep more or less.
  • Getting angry or irritated more easily

You don’t have to go through your transition alone. With counseling, you will:

  • Find your feet back on stable ground as you identify and release any emotional struggles you may be experiencing
  • Create an action plan to get you headed in the right direction
  • Gain necessary skills to manage your stress, prioritize tasks, communicate your needs
  • Receive support, encouragement, and accountability to make real progress and get to the other side

Life transition counseling at Bluestone Psychological Services

Take the next step in managing your life transition.  Things can can get better!  We look forward to talking with you.

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