Pre-Natal Counseling and Infertility

Becoming a parent doesn’t always go as planned. Sometimes the journey to parenthood is different than expected; sometimes the labor and delivery experience is different than expected, and sometimes, the transition to parenthood is different than expected. For some, all three of these areas don’t go as planned. If thing’s have not gone as planned for you, know that you are not alone. Ten to 20 percent of pregnant women suffer from mood complications during the perinatal period. Reaching out is the most important first step to finding your way as a new parent. Warm, non-judgmental help is available with a therapist at Bluestone.

You may be worried about your partner, daughter, sister or best friend, and trying to find her help.   With the mother’s permission, please reach out so that your loved one can begin her road to wellness. You may be worried about the father; he’s going through a significant adjustment too! Please let them know that help is available.

It may be difficult to admit to it but if you are anxious, depressed, angry/rageful, experiencing intrusive images/thoughts that flash through your mind, or feel like you are “losing it”, please seek the help that you need and deserve.  Even if you are just having more bad days than good, you can feel better!

Counseling during the prenatal period (When you are pregnant or considering parenthood)

Impending motherhood can bring up issues from your past, as well as heighten anxiety and remind you of prior losses.  Maternal anxiety and depression occur in pregnancy as well as after the birth. Treatment at this stage will provide you with the support and tools that you will need for motherhood. If you had a postpartum mood disorder with a previous pregnancy or birth and you are pregnant again, this is the perfect time to get the extra support that you deserve. You can get help planning for a much smoother transition into motherhood this time.

Counseling for infertility

Pregnancy doesn’t always proceed as expected.  Unfortunately, not all women get pregnant easily and end up with a healthy baby 9 months later. Fertility struggles can be a devastating experience for a woman; challenging the very core of who she is.  To make matters worse, people can unwittingly say things that make matters worse, not better.

Pre-natal counseling and infertility at Bluestone Psychological Services

Therapy can be place where you get the support and validation that you need during this trying time.  We invite you to speak to one of our counselors today.

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