Couples Counseling

Don’t wait until it’s too late to get help with your relationship! If you can’t communicate and are dealing with resentment, silence, sarcasm, passive-aggressive behavior, and ridicule get help right away.

Are you struggling with?

  • Feeling more like roommates than a couple
  • Feeling more like adversaries than partners
  • A lack of affection or an unsatisfying sex life
  • Communication breaks down and repetitive arguments
  • Shock or despair discovering your partner’s affair, addiction, money problems
  • Differences in parenting styles/beliefs that are dividing you
  • Wondering if you made a mistake getting married in the first place

The therapists at Bluestone who provide couples counseling have been trained to help couples in a number of ways. As outside observers with loyalties to the relationship rather than one or the other of you (as is often the case with friends and family) we can see and assess patterns in ways you can’t because you are IN it.

Together, we will look at and improve:

Your individual histories and how they are impacting:

  • Your understanding of your relationship and each other
  • How you are reacting or responding to what is going on
  • How you are communicating with one another
  • Your expressions of intimacy and affection and your differences in sexual desire

The path your relationship has taken and the direction it is headed so you can:

  • Heal injuries that have already happened so you can once again find safety and trust
  • Stop repetitive arguments or behaviors that aren’t bringing the results you want
  • Adjust to unanticipated circumstances that are throwing you both off your center (medical diagnosis, job loss, parenting struggles, difficult child behaviors)
  • Get back to feeling like you’re on the same page, supporting and working together toward your shared goals

What if we aren’t even sure if we should be together?

This is a question we frequently address with couples for a number of reasons:

  • So much damage has already occurred by the time they come in to counseling
  • The couple got together quickly out of impulsiveness or because a life circumstance accelerated solidifying the relationship (a pregnancy, a move or deployment, etc.)
  • They find the significant differences between them are dividing them more than they thought they would

In these situations, couples counseling can help you explore this difficult and often painful question in a safe environment. Your counselor can help guide these discussions to allow you to find your answer and move forward.

If you decide to separate, we can help you:

  • Figure out how and when to tell people close to you and separate shared property
  • Let go and say goodbye with as little hurt as possible
  • If you have kids, how and when to tell them, how to help them with the adjustment and how to parent together so the impact of your separation will impact them as little as possible.

How much will couples counseling cost and can I use my insurance?

Because each therapist at Bluestone is an independent contractor, each sets his or her own rates so the cost can vary between therapists even though we are at the same location. In our region the cost typically ranges from $110-$180 per 50 minute session for full fee, private pay appointments. Requests for a reduced fee can be made; it will be up to the therapist to discuss that with you directly. Costs can also be managed by coming every other week rather than weekly.

When paying privately for your therapy, you have the benefit of complete privacy and control over your record and treatment. This affords you the flexibility to truly tailor your therapy to your needs.

There are some insurance plans that pay for couples counseling but it is not clear cut. Most often, you will find that your medical insurance will not pay for the issues you are bringing to couples counseling.  If you are interested in using your health insurance for couples counseling, we will be happy to discuss it with you and explore what it would require and how your plan might impact your treatment (insurance will control the number of sessions you have, the length of your sessions, what information you would be required to release to them, etc).

Couples therapy at Bluestone Psychological Services

If are having relationship problems, we can help to guide you to find your answers and move forward.  We invite you to speak with one of us.

For more information or a phone consultation:
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