Child and Family Therapy

At Bluestone Psychological Services, we have highly skilled, dedicated therapists who are ready to help your children overcome their challenges and to help you and yours become the family you have always envisioned.

For families, we have expertise in:

  • Parenting skills to end the power struggles with your kids and to help you and your partner parent as a team.
  • Discipline techniques to effectively manage defiance and instill a desire to cooperate.
  • Communication skills to stop the fighting and yelling and help everyone get along.
  • Facilitating transitions faced by blended families (step-families), divorcing/separating.

child and family counseling

Our independent providers work with kids from toddlers to high schoolers and have expertise in:

  • Helping kids heal from depression, anxiety, loss, or trauma (including bullying).
  • Helping kids transition to a new neighborhood or school and learn new skills necessary to succeed in making friends and learning.
  • Teaching kids tools to better manage their emotions, follow directions, make choices, communicate, and succeed.
  • Supporting kids as their families change or move, or they experience difficult changes or losses in relationships.
  • Building confidence and teaching effective ways to stand up for themselves as they discover who they are and what they want.

Child and family therapy at Bluestone Psychological Services

If you, or your loved ones, need help – we can help you overcome your challenges and help you and yours become the family you have always envisioned.  Contact us to schedule an appointment.

For more information or a phone consultation:
Call: 425.775.4059 Text: (425) 409-9336 Email: 


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